Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Pamper Your Skin at the Spa

Smooth, clear and flawless skin is an indication of good health, not just of beauty. Whatever lifestyle choices we make, or whatever forms of abuse we make our bodies go through, such as drinking, bingeing and smoking, getting stressed out lots of times, or lack of exercise and sleep, show easily enough on our skin. It is easy to tell if a person is not of good health: she always looks wan and sallow, her skin dry and flaking, and most likely sporting dark circles under the eyes. A person who is at the peak of health has smooth and soft skin that is alit with a rosy glow.
Many women go to day spas to pamper their skin and make them look nice and healthy. Spas have special treatments that can rejuvenate the skin, take the toxins out of the body, and make the skin look younger and looking fresh.
If you go to a spa to get your skin pampered, what treatments should you go for and what should you expect? Listed below are basic treatments you can find in a spa:
    Facials. A facial is a way of deep cleansing the skin, removing the dirt, the impurities and the blackheads from the face. After a facial the skin of your face should feel clean, soft and hydrated.
    Facial mask. The idea of the facial mask is to make your skin feel tighter, smoother and hydrated. It is also supposed to exfoliate your skin and remove the dirt and dead skin cells from it, as well as to treat acne. Facial masks are done by putting some substance evenly on your skin and letting it dry on the skin before washing it off. Facial masks are typically made of algae, seaweed and mud, but it can also be made of other materials.
    Body scrub. A body scrub exfoliates and removes the dead skin cells from the body using different types of oils and salts. This hydrates and makes the skin of the body soft and smooth.
    Body mask. Body masks are also used for exfoliating and for removing dead skin cells from the body. It works exactly the same way as the facial mask.
    Body wrap. In a body wrap treatment, certain creams, liquids or a special mud is applied to the body. The body is then wrapped tightly and allowed to stay so for a period of time. A body wrap treatment is supposed to detoxicate the body, or maybe help the body shed off a few pounds.
Day spas also offer different kinds of massages to relax the body, to relieve it from stress and detoxicate it. Having healthy, glowing skin, after all, is an inside job. If you are feeling pain or stressed out, it is best to relieve these aches and pains through massage so the skin would look healthy and beautiful.
Visit a day spa and pamper your skin every once in a while. It will do your skin and your health a world of good.

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