Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Home made creams and skincare products

A variety of creams can be made at home, ranging from cosmetics, face packs and skin care to soothing balms and salves to help you achieve a naturally healthy and younger looking face and skin.
home made face facial skin care creams essential oils
Many people expect any cream or lotion to show overnight effects, but you need to be patient and let your skin regenerate in order to see the difference - and the older you get the longer the cycle of regeneration is. On average you should see results between 28 and 37 days.
Essential oils have various therapeutic properties which add zing to any cream, and some of them have very specialized properties to help with skin conditions. If you have never used essential oils, and are prone to allergic reactions, please do a skin patch test with any new ingredient you use.

Some oils to consider for facial creams would include: Home made creams and skincare products

The list above includes oils that have great properties that can be of use to help fight wrinkles and the traces of ageing.
When selecting essential oils for facial or body creams and lotions, stay away from sun sensitizing essential oils, as they will cause a problem if you go into the sun.

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